Awards and Press Review


2014  Griman-The Icelandic Theater Awards-Best Children's Play/Little Hamlet

 (The Reykjavík City Theater)
2010  Griman-The Icelandic Theater Awards-Best Play/Little Jesus 

(The Reykjavík City Theater)
2010  Griman-The Icelandic Theater Awards-Best Original Script/ Little Jesus 

(The Reykjavík City Theater)

2010  Griman-The Icelandic Theater Awards-Best Singer/ Little Jesus 

(The Reykjavík City Theater)
2010  Griman-The Icelandic Theater Awards-Best Orginal Music Score/ Little Jesus

(The Reykjavík City Theater)
2009  Griman-The Icelandic Theater Awards-Best Play/Daudasyndirnar/The Deadly Sins (The Reykjavík City Theater)
2005  Icelandic Music Awards/Best performance Jazz - Hvar er tunglid? 

(Album in collaboration with Sigurdur Flosason and Adalsteinn Asberg Sigurdsson)
2005  Icelandic Music Awards/Best Jazz album - Me for You
(Album in collaboration with Agnar Magnusson, Drew Gress and John Hollenbeck)
2002  Icelandic Music Awards/Best Jazz album - Beautiful World
(Album in collaboration with Sunna Gunnlaugs)
2001  Icelandic Music Awards/Best Jazz album - Kristjana (Solo album)











-TMM 2009, Silja Aðalsteinsdóttir

(Little Jesus/ The Reykjavik City Theater,Iceland)

"Above all she is a divine singer and proves to have an amazing
voice-range and managing any music style. She is the musical director
of the performance and I don´t diminish anything or anyone by saying
that it is the most impressive part of it."


-Morgunblaðið 2007, Vernharður Linnet
(Concert Review)

“High quality Blues.Kristjana at her best”.

-All About Jazz 2006, Michael P. Gladstone

(Ég um þig/Me For You-Album)

“So how does all of this play out? Philosophically, they've come up
with a winning formula—the songs, removed from their rock trappings,
do sound better with the simplicity of a piano jazz trio. Kristjana's
smoky voice, paired with Agnar's sensitive yet probing piano,
transforms the music into a late-night setting, and the addition of
Gress and Hollenbeck do indeed add to the jazzification of this

-Bladid  2005, Heida

(Ég um þig/Me For You-Album)

"Great Jazz! I am Bewitched, 5 stars!“

-All About Jazz 2003, Roger Crane

(Fagra Veröld/Beautiful World-Album)

“You do not need to understand Icelandic to appreciate the
magnificence of Kristjana’s voice”.

-Morgunblaðið 2001, Vernharður Linnet


“On a fast track to Stardom."

Morgunblaðið 2001 – Vernharður Linnet

(Reykjavik Jazzfestival 2001)

“When necessity is the greatest, help is never far away and as on the
Sandvík’s Band records, it was the guest, Kristjana Stefánsdóttir who
came to rescue. She sang excellently with the band, and the bonus
song, Jimmy McHuge’s old opus in Quincy Jones’s arrangement, On the
Sunny Side of the Street was just marvelous. The band was swinging and
Kristjana sang a la Ella Fitzgerald”.

Saarbrücken Zeitung 2000 – Dieter Gläsener

(Concert review in Germany)

"In just a moment the audience was presented an excellent music show,
something you rarely get, even for a fortune in the box office. Among
numbers in the show was the opening trio with Uli Glassman the bass
player from Saarland, Germany, Carlos Denia from Catalonia, Spain and
the Icelandic singer Kristjana who has this amazing voice and is
capable of improvising to meet maximum standards”.

Morgunblaðið 2001 – Ríkharður Örn Pálsson
(Guðmundarvaka The memorial concert of the late Icelandic pianist Guðmundur Ingólfsson)

“The jazz singer, Kristjana Stefánsdóttir made a memorable performance
when she sang the standard Oh, mein Papa, not to mention Secret Love,
an old standard sung by Doris Day in the fifties, but was scat-sung
here by Kristjana so well that no other than Ella Fitzgerald came to

Morgunblaðið 2000 – Vernharður Linnet

(Concert review)

“The Queen of Icelandic jazz”.

DV 1997 – Ingvi Þór Kormáksson
(At JEA Jazzfestival, Iceland)

“Kristjana’s excellent performance got the audience’s special
attention. She improvised both with and without lyrics with so much
smoothness, which is always a bonus. Given that she keeps up her good
work, she will most certainly reign as the uncrowned queen of
Icelandic jazz music”.​